Nine Levels of Hell Research – Dantes Inferno

This is the research conducted on Dantes Inferno. I have listed the important information relating to the 9 circles of hell and important imagery and character/monsters associated with each level. There could potentially be a boss on each level as there are mythological religious monsters on most levels. The imagery associated with each level could also be referenced for a diversity of mechanics on each level. The main problem with this concept is it is impossibly over-scoped for one artist.


Gustave Doré - limbo.jpg

Limbo – Gustave Dore

  • Unbaptized and virtuous pagans
  • Imagery – Field of golden wheat and grass with great castle (7 gates – each gate representing a virtue)


  • Lustful
  • Imagery – Strong winds
  • Minos (giant with snake)


Gustave Doré - minos

Gustave Doré (Minos)


  • Gluttons and gourmand
  • Imagery – snow
  • Cerberus (three headed dog)



  • Hoarders and spenders
  • Imagery – Rolling boulders
  • Pluto (ruler of the underworld)



alessandro vellutello - wrath.jpg

Wrath – Alessandro Vellutello

  • Wrathful, sullen, lazy
  • Imagery – Sea


  • Tyrants and robbers, heretics and false teachers,
  • Imagery – Coffins filled with flame (graveyard with burning pits)


botticelli, sandro - heretics

Heresy – Sandro Botticelli


  • Murders, suicide, blasphemy,
  • Imagery – River of boiling blood, forest only roots and trees, becomes desert
  • Alexander the great (conquered the known world)



botticelli, sandro - flatterers

Falsifiers – Sandro Botticelli

  • Pimps and seducers, sorceress and false prophets, hypocrites, thieves, evil councillors, falsifiers, diviners, corrupt politicians, flatters, alchemists,
  • Imagery – Pit of darkness (with demons)
  • Geryon (grandson of medusa) – half dragon half lion with head of man (liar and bi-poler)



  • Betrayers of kin, country, guests, and benefactors
  • Cain (kindred), Judas (lord), Brutas (betrayed ceser), Guias (betrayed ceser)
  • Lucifer/satan/the devil (three faces)
  • Imagery – Locked in ice




  • McCulloch
  • Lyusya Durasova
  • Nadezhda Avoeva
  • Antoniya Gapotchenko

Hours: 4-5