Level Design – 9 Levels:Reference

Limbo: Field of golden wheat and grass with great castle (7 gates each representing a virtue)

  • dark and grim (even though it is the first circle of hell)
  • overcast and cloudy
  • medieval style castle (wall surrounding base)
  • fantasy/old worn doors (mystical)

Lust: Strong winds

  • relatively flat
  • finds portrayed through particle effects
  • stone – cold feeling

Gluttony: Snow

  • cool-tone environment (blues, whites and greys)
  • use opacity as a focus point (whats trapped in the ice)

Greed: Rolling boulders

  • dark (use light as a focal point mechanics)
  • use reflective materials to bounce light throughout the room
  • maybe look into smoke/fog
  • all greys and dim colour (little colour saturation)

Anger/wrath: Sea

  • clearly shallow water
  • medieval style boat
  • dark blues and greys
  • stairs down from elevator
  • slight emmissive texture/light through the water

Heresy: Coffins filled with flame (graveyard with burning pits)

  • dark with heavy uses of grey
  • light emits from the graves (lava)
  • raining (optional)
  • no trees, baren land

Violence: River of boiling blood, forest (only roots and trees), and desert

  • 3 parts:
    • Boiling river of blood
    • overgrown forest (trees and roots)
    • desert
  • mainly dark sky
  • forest – little to no colour saturation (all greys)
  • main colour focal points are the red of the blood sea and the yellow of the desert

Fraud: Pit of darkness full of demons

  • relatively dark with light coming from the opening of the pit
  • staircases and climbing all throughout level
  • symmetrical 
  • run down, old and ruined (used for combat previously)

Treachery: Satan locked in ice

  • dark and damp
  • smoke and fog (particles)
  • ice reflective (light bouncing) – slight emission

Hours: 5