Levels – Heresy (For Prototype)

Each of us developed a level of Dante’s Inferno and we have decided on Heresy and greed to expand on and consider for the demo game for end of semester.

Previous Levels:

Treachery: Tutorial (Guarded by Lucifer (trapped in icy floor))

  • Simple challenges to teach game mechanics to player
  • Parts of ice will rise and fall making navigation difficult
  • Icicles will fall providing a hazard to avoid

Fraud: (Guarded by Pluto, a shadow creature)36c19446d136cae841ca529bd48f6648

  • Pluto attacks with evadable dark beams. Shadows split from him to create a horde.
  • Striking Pluto will make him shrink and release shadows. All shadows must be eliminated.
  • Shadows can “possess” gravestones, shrouding surrounding area in darkness until struck.

Violence: (Guarded by Geryon, a chimera of toys)

  • Toy blocks stacked upon one another create a set of high platforms above the ground with only one way up.
  • Geryon is only within range on the highest level.
  • Geryon has two attacks: fire breath for long range, and a melee charge for short range.

Gluttony: (Guarded by Cerberus, a three headed dog.)41b55d82a54a460ed91eebba42bc4034

  • Cerberus’ projectile attacks must be used to Lil’ Death’s advantage.
  • Cerberus is mobile and will move away quickly when in proximity, so need to stun with deflected projectiles.
  • Boss is invincible unless cooling vents are covered with deflected projectiles.

New Levels:

Limbo: the 1st circle of Dante’s Inferno. It is the outer-most level encasing and surrounding all of hell. Here lie those who weren’t sinful but didn’t receive the proper baptism (many babies and young children).

Option 1: Undead children – hoard level

The corpses of all the unbaptized children are restless and want to escape Limbo. They hide in the wheat field, almost undetectable until they strike. You must help find their souls and bring it back to them.

  • Extremely dark – horror theme
  • emphasis on blue and orange/red light
    • blue being little death (emitted from his eyes)
    • red being Lucifer (emitted from his forehead and eyes)
  • giving off an almost nothingness feel
  • never-ending field of wheat (reference to Dante’s) – limbo being a plane of nothingness
  • Child’s interpretation – fear of the darkness

Lucifer reveals that he is in fact evil and used Lil’ Death to advance out of hell. He then morphs into either:

a) A Huge Lucifer/Satan like creature with horns and goat legs

  • Once the reveal happens the environment transforms into a hellish realm
  • When he is defeated he pops back into his non-threatening form and gets thrown down back to the bottom by your father (who saves you)

b) A combination (cycle) of previous bosses

This will be the final boss fight and you must defeat small portions of all the previous bosses. Once Lucifer is defeated this will act as a hub the player can go to to access any of the previous boss fights individually through the doors of virtue (Dante reference).

  • Time counter will be implemented as well as a score board
    • adds competitive element to the game
    • also add replay-ability


  • Backdrop: stormy/overcast sky, ocean below.
  • Arena consists of 4 bridged circular platforms. Made of sand. (Beach props?)
  • Boss is Cleopatra, however she initially appears as:
    • Heart-shaped mass of bodies, with flailing arms sticking out.
    • Heart initially floats in the center of arena, out of reach.
    • Varying wind-based ranged attacks
    • Potential melee damage if close enough.
  • Periodically, sand will build up in the centre of a platform.
    • If a wind attack hits a sand pile, it will dispel.
    • If you hit a sand pile, it will solidify. If then followed by a wind attack:
    • Becomes a sand idol of Cleopatra, which the heart will be attracted to.
    • The heart will spend time grabbing and destroying the idol
    • During this time the heart will be in direct melee range.
  • When defeated:
    • Bodies will fall off, revealing Cleopatra’s true form as it fades away.

Anger: Circle 5 – Mythos

Anger that is expressed becomes Wrath and anger that is repressed becomes Sullenness. The Fifth Circle of Hell is The River Styx, a vast muddy swamp in which the wrathful endlessly attack each other on the surface and the sullen forever drown underneath.

The boss of this level is one you can’t see. Horror-like feel.

  • “Children should be seen and not heard”
  • The Sullen grasp at Lil’ Death from under the surface if he stays still too long
  • The Wrathful are quick to anger – if he makes too much noise on the surface of the water they will try to silence him
  • Invokes horror BECAUSE it is from a child’s point of view, not ‘in spite of’


  • 4th Circle of hell – according to Dante, features pits of molten gold that the damned are consumed by
  • Other interpretations see the damned push boulders for eternity
    Children don’t understand money or greed by the do show greed in wanting everything they can get there hands on.
  • Big baby in a room full of toys gets angry when you get near or use its toys
    Greed is normally seen as mechanical and often referred to the factory of torture
    The aim of the level is capture the continuous balance between hoarding and spending

Setting: Toy Box
Boss: Big baby like creature
Motive: Boss thinks you are trying to steal its toys
Arena: Circular area with piles of toys
Gameplay: Boss will be very strong, player must need to attack piles of toys which enrages the boss and makes them go over and check on their collection of things, meanwhile allowing you to creep behind him and attack him from the back

Chosen Prototype Concept:

Heresy: The belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religion doctrine.

In inferno, this can be sorted into the three main “evils” that stem from it:

  • Deified matter – The theory that the soul is apart of the body, when the body does so does the soul
  • Evolution – The theory we have evolved from other life forms
  • Spontaneous Generation – The theory that life come into existence from non-living matter

Childish twist: Heresy can be envisioned through modern day science, which has been clashing with the doctrine of Christianity. Kids often hate class and school in general.


  • An abandoned science classroom, very dark, very sterile
  • The boss embodies the three evils of heresy, but mainly the one of evolution – it evolves to stop the player from using certain parts of the environment to kill it
  • A frog which has its parts sewn together in weird positions.
  • To kill it, players use the environment:
    • Electricity – Shock it
    • Bunsen Burners – Burn it
    • Chemicals – Melt it


Image Research – References:

Environmental References:

The environment will be a young science classroom. There will be references to evolution and fantasy elements such as glowing potions and creatures in jars. The classroom will be relatively colorful and allow for many different mechanics to be showcased. (this will be a very prop heavy environment – modularity will be key).

The main character will be a toad like creature who has been the subject of scientific experimentation and will almost have a Frankenstein feel to him.

Character References:

Hours: 3