Week 9 – Summary

This week we refined the concept for the demo required for semester 1. We expanded on the 9 levels, picked one for the demo and I developed both aesthetic research, concept art and an asset tracking list.

Week 8 Critique – Reflection: 1 Hoursatancute04

  • Reviewed the Week 8 Pitch
  • Decided what needed to be done this week
  • Looked at scoping the project


Level Development – Limbo: 2 Hours


  • I looked into the potencial boss fights for the first circle of hell, Limbo
  • each team member chose a circle of hell and developed it
  • by the end of the week we had a layout for all 9 circles


Levels – Heresy (For Prototype): 3 Hours

  • Chose the level for Semester 1 prototype
  • looked into aethetic research for both characters, and environments
  • Colour board

Asset Tracker – WIP: 3 Hours

  • I developed an asset tracking sheet for all
    • 3D assets
    • 2D cutscenes
    • potencial 3D real time cutscenes (introductions to bosses)

Concept Art – Heresy: 6 Hourstoad01

  • Developed Concept art for the basic environment (not to scale) and the boss


In total this week I did 15 Hours (excluding 2 hour meeting) for the games design project. After finalising the semester 1 prototype level, there was plenty for me to de (especially since I am the only artist working on this project).