FrankenFrog Rigging

This week I aim to have all the bosses unwrapped, textured, and rigged, ready for animation. Below shows the progress made for the FrankenFrog model:



Below shows the unwrap for the FrankenFrog model. The eyes and body are separate for rigging and movement purposes.

Bone Structure:

This Rig allows for separate eye movement, upper and lower lip flexibility, arm stump movement, and toe movement as well as basic leg, knee, spine, head and hip movement. The rig is designed specifically for the animations required of it.


Weight Painting:

Below shows the weight painting done on the model. The eyes are weighted specifically so they move independently. The movement of the character will be disfigured and jarring and the eye rig will allow for the eye movements to reflect that theme.

Movement Capabilities:

below shows the capabilities the rig has with the weight painting and the bone structure. There is a lot of movement and will allow for the required animations to be achieved.


Hours: 8