Merch and Desktops




SnapChat Geo Filter:

Hours: 5


Netherworld Showcase

This week we showcased the game at Netherworld and started marketing and advertising the game.

Game Trailer


Hours: 5

Intro Composition – Without Sound

Final Composition:

Time adjusted, frames changed, speed edited.

Once sound is implimented, editing will be done again to fit the Audio.


Sounds: Intro

  • heaven “ahhhhh”
  • hell
  • scrape of scyth
  • backing music
  • sign light on
  • lil death scream
  • lil death giggle
  • twinkle


Sounds: Outro

  • swinging sign “creak”

Hours: 2


I researched, purchased and tested the microphone for the voice acting narration. I installed necessary software, got it working with my computer and laptop, and have a set up for the recording session.

Hours: 2

Week 12 (Semester 2) – Summary

This week the main 3D elements of the level polish were completed, as well as most of the 2D elements. UI assets were implemented, lighting was completed, final 3D models were made and textures, emissive materials were completed and the 2D intro cut-scene animation was finalized.

Cutscene Intro – Part 6: 9 Hourstrial12

Deathscreens: 6 Hours

Lighting and Materials: 1 Hour

Environment Polish: 6 Hours

Game Trailer

UI Implementation: 1 Hour

This week 26 Hours were completed (including organizing the voice actor and researching recording equipment, as well as blog management). Next week I aim to complete the wood texture, the outro frame, control menu, and narrations and sounds for the introductory cut scene. Once these elements are complete, the game is finalized in regards to animation.