CARRS-Q driving Simulator – Cockpit

The cockpit for the CARRS-Q Driving simulator is complete. I have to keep the poly count very user friendly and all the textures are at a usable quality.




Driving Simulator – Cockpit (Untextured)

I have been working on the cockpit for a Driving Simulator in Virtual Reality. This is the base model for the cockpit:

Augment Reality Project – Augmented Australiana

The Augmented Australiana Project is an Augmented Reality Project run through QUT, designed to showcase both the native wildlife to the campus and the animation capabilities of the students. Throughout the university, students will be able to find little creatures created by the third year animations students of 2017. Through your phone, they can discover different native animals come to life through augmented reality.

This year I am managing a project at QUT called Augmented Australiana. It aims to expand the capabilities and understanding of new technologies, such as augmented reailty, within the university environment.

Currently the AR software was designed in Unity (By Alex van der Horst) and currently we are researching locators and other external technology that could improve the concept in practise. At the moment the models animate on top of a pre-existing image (marker based) in the environment, and the software recognsies it and places the asset on it. We are looking into beacons and other technologies that could allow for things such as having the animals climb on indoor objects, so that the animals dont require an image and are instead configured to a location.


In the future we hope to extend the animals ability to interact with the real environment, and appear to free wander the space. There is also the potencial for it not just to be a gallery piece, but also an interactive experience.


Model – By Paul Cruse



Rig by Alex van der Horst

gecko rig v1 UV

Unwrap by Paul Cruse


Texture and Animations by Kaylee Lim


Texture and Animations by Kaylee Lim


Animations by Kaylee Lim


Modelled By Lloyd Truong


Rig by Alex van der Horst


Rig by Alex van der Horst



Model and Texture by Elizabeth Zjivana Stevanovic



Model and Texture by Elizabeth Zjivana Stevanovic

Koala: Currently in progress (Modeler – Shi Meng)

I am currently working on fully understanding the AR software (within Unity) and will hopefully have that up and running soon.

Yosei Texturing


Turnaround: Watch here

These are the models fully textured with normal maps. I would like to make both the potion and the crystal glow at some point and have them rigged and ready for use within a video game. The textures are hand painted and I painted the normal maps for the wood, petals, bone (masks) and stone (bodies).


I wanted them to look like little forest creatures (similar to the myth) and have worn masks made from bone. I wanted them to be quite natural in appearence also, therefore instilling the constant theme of wood and flowers (for colour).



Portfolio Item 1 – Concept

I have decided to work on 2 character models based on the concept art shown below:

I will be taking the main body structure from the first 2 designs and implementing it for the final design. The two characters I will be creating will be the plague doctor and the flower wizard, both with matching geometry and aesthetic. The designs were created through the “I am Zer0” game concept (S.I.D Studios) that was later passed on.

WIP Model Work:



  • The character body still needs a lot of work but the geometry is down
  • the props are coming together but need basic detail work (geometry is solid)



  • Flower needs more density 
  • Slight adjustments to body model could be made (especially the head)
  • Geometry is strong and structured
  • optional – make slight body model variations (to differ models)

University Work

I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation). Here is some of my previous work:

Grandma’s House Environment

Motion Graphics